Canyon Lake Alum Treatments Prove Successful in Managing Water Quality

Residents of Canyon Lake recently witnessed the sixth application of alum to the main body, coves, and north causeway of the lake. With the support of the Lake Elsinore and Canyon Lake Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Task Force that is seeking to significantly improve water quality and ecology in Canyon Lake, the applications have proven successful in minimizing algae growth.

LESJWA Water Summit

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, the LESJWA Water Summit took place. Presentations were shown to detail how the current drought is impacting our region, what LESJWA is doing to further protect the local watersheds, the accomplishments made, and upcoming major projects to help reach water quality goals.

News Regarding Algae Bloom at Canyon Lake

Subsequent to the April Alum application, an algae bloom was observed in several coves.  As in the past, a press release was shared with the media indicating that the cause of the algae bloom in the coves was not the alum, and that the algae would likely dissipate over time.

RFP: Public Education and Outreach Support Services

The Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto Watersheds Authority (LESJWA) is requesting proposals from qualified firms for assisting LESJWA in the development and implementation of support services for a multi-year education and outreach program through community and media relations. Closed: RFP Public Education and Outreach Support Service Docuement One electronic copy of the response is to be …

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LESJWA Summit Presentations

Presentations include: San Jacinto Watershed Fly Through | Mark Norton from LESJWA | Kurt Berchtold – Pollution Control Planning for Lake Elsinore and Canyon Lake | Jason Uhley – MS4 Permits and TMDLs: Costs and Savings through TMDL Task Force | Pat Boldt – Agricultural and Dairy Operator Nutrient Reduction in the San Jacinto Watershed | Nemesciano Ochoa – Drought Impacts on Local Lakes and Watershed | Tim Moore – What’s Next?

Alum Treatment Project

According to the Lake Elsinore & San Jacinto Watershed Authority (LESJWA), preliminary test results indicate that alum treatments conducted between September 23 and 27 in Canyon Lake have successfully improved the lake’s overall water quality by reducing phosphorous levels that can cause algae blooms and fish kills.

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