Lake Elsinore Projects

The Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto Watersheds Authority (LESJWA) aims at improving water quality and wildlife habitats in Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, and the San Jacinto River Watershed. Since 2000, LESJWA along with the Lake Elsinore/ Canyon Lake TMDL Task Force has worked with scientists and water quality experts to implement projects that achieve this goal.

Completed Projects

Lake Elsinore Fishery Survey and Management Plan

A lake fishery survey was conducted and a management plan proposed to develop improvements to benefit the fishery habitats and overall lake quality of Lake Elsinore.

Lake Elsinore Carp Removal

Removed more than 1 million pounds of carp from Lake Elsinore. Carp stir up nutrients on the lake bottom, which can cause harmful algae blooms.

Island Well Pump Station Improvements

Produces about one million gallons per day of non-potable water that is discharged to Lake Elsinore to help stabilize the lake water level.

Lake Elsinore Striped Bass Stocking

Added hybrid striped bass in Lake Elsinore to help control overpopulation of small fish, mostly shad and minnows, that disrupt lake water quality.

Lake Elsinore Destratification and Mixing System

Mixes lake water to increase oxygen levels, improve water quality and reduce harmful algae growth.

Recycled Water Nutrient Removal and Conveyance Pipeline

Removes excess nutrients from recycled water and brings the water to Lake Elsinore, improving water quality and helping to stabilize the lake level.

Lake Elsinore Habitat Improvements

Shallow water habitat improvements in the Lake Elsinore back basin wetlands area increase biodiversity and improve water quality.

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